Frequently Asked Questions

What types of activities and pricing do you offer for scouts?

Besides our regular tours, customized scout programming can be done through our tourism office. Contact Melissa at 800-Go Safari or msherman@semtribe.com, she will assist your group and create an individual package based on your achievement needs and financial situation.

Are there any places to sleep nearby?

Besides lodging inside our Everglades park in a sleep chickee or dorm chickee, the Big Cypress RV Resort & Campground offers air-conditioned cabins and tent camping. Tent camping for large groups is also available at the Junior Cypress Rodeo Arena.

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Why do the Seminole’s wrestle alligators? Does that hurt them?

Historically, the alligator was utilized by Seminoles for food, tools, and weapons and for trade. Later, they were used as a means of income in the tourism boom after access roads were built into tribal reservations. Spectators tipped tribal members as they witnessed their fearless encounters with these dangerous animals.

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Our animal care staff is skilled in proper alligator handling techniques and should only be done by skilled professionals.

What do you feed the alligators in your Everglades park?

The crocodiles and alligators that are in captivity rely on our animal care staff for nourishment which consists of poultry, meat and fish.

Note: Do not feed alligators, it is a federal offense. Feeding alligators in the wild will put their lives, human lives and your pets’ lives at risk. The alligator will associate humans with food, once this happens they are considered nuisance alligators.

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Help! I cannot locate Billie Swamp Safari on my GPS!

We apologize; third party satellite navigation systems have not corrected the error for a number of years despite our efforts to provide them with our proper location. Please use google maps or an iPhone and type Billie Swamp Safari, that location is correct.

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How is the weather there today?

Florida weather is often unpredictable from one moment to the next, we recommend you check the radar if you are uncertain. For your safety and ours, we do not run tours if our lighting detection device alerts. Swamp buggy tours can run during light rain, however, airboat tours are suspended during rain showers.

I purchased a ticket online; who do I talk to if I have an issue?

Please call the phone number provided on your voucher such as Expedia, Entertainment Benefits Group, or aRes. Online tickets sales are sold by a third party and are not managed through our office.

What is the best kind of clothing to wear for the Everglades airboat and swamp buggy rides?

Comfortable clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses and shoes that you can be active in would be best. Be sure to wear tight fitting so it will not fly off on the airboat ride. Don't forget your camera!

How much does the  Everglades airboat tickets cost? And buggy ride?

The airboat ride is $20 for 25 minutes. You will tour through a couple different Florida ecosystems including inside a cypress hammock which is absolutely beautiful. On our 2,200 acre animal preserve the animals roam freely and wander into the waterways giving each tour a very unique experience. You may see water buffalo, deer, turtles, turkeys and of course alligators. The Swamp Buggy is $25. If you want to do both ask for the Day Package, it is $50 for adults and $36 for kids this will include, the 25 minute airboat ride, the 55 minute swamp buggy tour and 2 animal shows.

Hi! What if it starts to rain? Is it a big issue or can you still use the attractions?

The swamp buggies still run in the rain as long as there is no lightning. Airboats do not run during rain (ouch - the rain hurts) and delayed until lightning threats clears the area for safety reasons during lightning.

I am a teacher, what do you recommend for a school field trip?

We have many resources here for teaching outside of the classroom; the Swamp Buggy tour is a favorite amongst educators. The buggy can accommodate 28-30 students at a time, and it travels through a variety of ecosystems, stops at a culturally relevant Seminole camp, shows views of native and exotic animals including migratory birds and points out a number of flora and fauna native to Florida, some of which was used for medicinal purposes. Group rates are available. We encourage teachers to take advantage of our Teacher Tour in July.

Where can I purchase tickets?

Tickets may be purchased here at our gift shop or online.

I have an RV, can I park it overnight at Billie Swamp Safari?

You are welcome to park your RV’s here during the day, contact our office for information about our designated parking locations. Overnight RV parking is welcomed three miles down the road at the Big Cypress RV Resort & Campground; it is also here on the reservation.

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Are you hiring?

Check employment opportunities at www.semtribe.com/employment, click on “Hollywood Headquarters” and scroll down to Big Cypress to view job openings if any at Billie Swamp Safari. Download an application on that website.

Is it safe for pregnant women to go on the airboat or swamp buggy ride?

Always consult with your doctor before any activity. We do not recommend the Swamp Buggy ride for people who are pregnant or have neck or back issues.

What types of animals are on exhibit inside your park?

We have a huge animal family here, some of them are; Florida black bear and panther, raccoons, grizzly bear, serval, bobcat, artic wolf, timber wolf, otters, porcupine, javelina, capybaras, spur thigh tortoise, warthog, fox, a variety of crocodiles, alligators, birds of prey . In our petting zoo make friends with goats, deer, highland cows, mini-horse and pot-belly pig. Note: For the best interest of our animal family, an animal resident may be moved temporarily from the public eye in certain situations or if our animal care staff sees fit during wellness care.

What is your address?

Our mailing address is 30290 Josie Billie Hwy, PMB 1001, Clewiston, Florida 33440 and our physical address is 30000 Gator Tail Trail, Clewiston, Florida 33440

What should we wear?

Wear lightweight clothing during summer months, hat, sunscreen and comfortable shoes. During winter months, wear layers, it warms up fast in the Florida sun.

We are staying overnight, what should we bring with us?

Linens come with the chickee, which includes; sheets, a light blanket and pillow case. Bring a flashlight towel, wash cloth and toiletries. Battery powered lanterns can be rented in the gift shop if you do not have one. During the rainy season bring rain boots, sometimes it gets a little swampy down chickee row. The restaurant closes at 6pm and reopens at 7am, if you will need food and drinks during the night bring a cooler with a tight fitting lid, try to leave food items in your car.

Hi! How much busier is it on weekend than on weekdays, now that school has started? Does it make much difference?

We always advise to arrive early to avoid Florida weather on any day, we open at 9am and our first airboat tour leaves at 9:30am. Dec - April is season and the park has more guest volume. Weekends are just a tad bit busier, our airboat tours leave every half hour and swamp buggy every hour.

What is there to do beside Everglades airboat rides?

We offer a swamp buggy ride, it is a hidden gem, not known by most people and it is a favorite for all guests who experience it. We have a Wildlife Critter Show, Snake Show, Petting Zoo (get a kiss from a Florida deer) and over 15 animal exhibits. You can explore our board walk into the cypress hammock and pop ash pond, native village and bird exhibits. We also have a full service restaurant the Swamp Water Café and Chickees (Seminole Indian Huts) that sleep 2 or up to 14. The night Swamp Buggy tour is a lot of fun to with storytelling.