Exclusive VIP Tour

Wildlife in the Florida Everglades

Florida Everglades Exclusive VIP Eco-Tour

Visitors and families looking for something bigger and more adventurous never have to leave Billie Swamp Safari! Our new VIP Eco-Tour has arrived and will keep even the most steadfast vacation families on their toes. For one, value-packed price, visitors can experience the thrill and beauty of this astonishing natural environment.  Specifically, the VIP Tour offers an in-depth look inside the Florida Everglades. First, you will climb aboard a swamp buggy for a 90-minute tour of a lifetime. On this personalized tour, visitors will have the opportunity to witness first-hand this unique ecosystem on the edge of civilization. Also, visitors and families can soak up the solitary beauty of tropical hardwood hammocks, cypress domes, air plants and gum sloughs. And, don’t worry about getting thirsty or hungry, we will provide you refreshments as part of the tour.

Next, Florida vacation visitors will jump onto an Everglades airboat for a 20-minute ride over the river of grass. The Billie Swamp Safari guide will point out the specific creatures and details of the Everglades flora and fauna.

As part of your package, enjoy unforgettable animal feeding encounters that includes food for: otters, birds, crocodiles and the petting zoo residents.

Lastly, visitors on the private VIP Eco-Tour will have access to all our live Everglades shows. Here, visitors can get up close, and even touch some of the Florida Everglades most unique creatures. Best of all, we’ve arranged for a private meet and greet with the animal handlers.

At the end of the VIP Tour, all guests will receive a special “survivor” souvenir to acknowledge your completion of the Billie Swamp Safari adventure. Our guides, handlers and staff will gladly take as many pictures as you like.

What You Will Experience on the Billie Swamp Safari VIP Eco-Tour

This exciting, family fun Everglades excursion gives vacationers a detailed look at the wildlife and the wetlands they inhabit. In fact, the VIP Tour takes up most of the day. For this reason, visitor should make reservations ahead and plan to arrive early to make the most of this memorable Everglades safari tour. Florida vacation families can look forward to experiencing in the following ways:

Florida Everglades Sights

Native and exotic animals from alligators, crocodiles, deer, antelope and bison to razorback hogs, snakes and countless species of birds plus the fascinating indigenous and endangered flora of the Florida Everglades. The rare Florida panther has even been sighted at Billie Swamp Safari.

Everglades Wildlife Sounds

The varied avian songs and calls of wildlife, as well as other mysterious sounds of nature heard only within the Florida Everglades wetland.

Authentic Seminole Food

Genuine Seminole foods such as gator tail, frog legs and fry bread in addition to numerous native fruits, berries, and plants of the Florida Everglades including muscadine grapes, beauty berries and bay leaves (season availability).

Subtropical Ecosystem Scents

The fresh clean air and the many native flowering plants and trees. In fact, the fragrant water-lily is always a favorite!

Unique Everglades Textures

The sharp “blades” of sawgrass can be razor-sharp, so be careful! Also, the rough scoots on an alligator’s back is nothing like you have ever felt before.

We're Not Done Yet!

At the end of the day, Billie Swamp Safari bestows all VIP Tour guests with a “survival” souvenir. We understand it is one of the best props used in student back-to-school reports! Also, Florida vacation families will have the chance to stroll through an authentic Seminole village with many native Seminole chickees. Similarly, Everglades visitors love to stretch their legs on our beautiful quarter-mile boardwalk and nature trail. Of course, you will not want to miss our live animal and bird exhibits, including a herpetarium, an alligator pit, and the Billie Swamp Safari gift shop. The gift shop is open from 9 AM to 6 PM and is filled with native arts, crafts, clothing, jewelry and souvenirs. If you’re still hungry, the Swamp Water Café serves American fare and Seminole delicacies and is open from 7 AM to 6 PM daily.

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Children 3 and under are not eligible to ride an airboat. PLEASE CALL 800-949-6101 FOR AVAILABILITY. All scheduled times are approximate. Inclement weather may affect tour/ride times. Sorry - NO pets allowed in park (PETS LEFT IN CAR WILL BE REMOVED AT OWNER'S EXPENSE) and no refunds.

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