Wildlife to See in the Florida Everglades

Grasslands of the Florida Everglades

As the largest subtropical ecosystem in North America, the Florida Everglades are home to a wide array of indigenous plant and animal species. Some of the beautiful wildlife includes several species of mammals, amphibians, birds, fish, insects, and reptiles. Essentially, an abundance of unique wildlife living in harmony within this vast ecosystem. While some may argue the best way to encounter these beautiful creatures is in their natural habitat, while others prefer a more detailed look. Whichever your style, Billie Swamp Safari offers a medley of viewing options ranging from exciting airboat and swamp buggy tours to intimate critter shows and more.

Wildlife in the Florida EvergladesOut in the Florida Wilderness

Due to the nature of the Florida Everglades ecosystem, there’s no better place to observe the symbiotic relationships between wildlife than in the rivers and swamps. For instance, along the swamp buggy trail, riders can find free-roaming deer, antelope, bison, alligators, hogs, birds and even a Florida panther. At the same time, Florida vacation visitors can find snakes, turtles, fish, alligators and other aquatic wildlife on a guided airboat ride. Even at nighttime, the Everglades come alive with a symphony of sounds from hundreds of Everglades wildlife. Although, the creatures of prey remain somewhat quiet (hard to blame them).

Meanwhile Back at Billie Swamp Safari…

For those who want to count the number of teeth on an alligator directly or who want to size-down their viewing experience, a slew of Everglades wildlife can be seen at the exhibits, habitats and critter shows. At these attractions, you can get up close and personal with birds, reptiles, African spur thighed tortoises, deer, skunks, goats, ground hogs, and more. Other highlights include alligator pits, otter habitats, snake shows featuring cottonmouths and rattlesnakes, and the unforgettable resident Florida panther (named Liberty).

Protecting the Florida Everglades WildlifeSwamp Buggy in the Florida Everglades

Florida vacation families have the unique opportunity to observe and interact with tremendous Everglades wildlife, which thrive from within the grasslands. This often serves as a blessing, as many of the animals that inhabit this area are threatened or endangered. Luckily, you can still view and learn about them in person at Billie Swamp Safari. We hope when you leave you will be grateful for these natural gifts and bring some awareness back to your home community.