Visit the Everglades this Holiday Season

Swamp Buggy in the Florida Everglades

The holiday season always arrives quickly with an abundance of things to do. This means breaks from work and school with festivities galore. It’s also an ideal time to reconnect with loved ones and engage in family fun activities. This holiday season make the Everglades one of your holiday visitor entertainment destinations. For Florida families, especially those close to Broward, Miami-Dade and Collier counties, the Everglades are only a short car ride away to bring out of town guests.

‘Tis the Season of FamilyHoliday Season in The Florida Everglades

 Whether you are local or flying in for the holidays, the Florida Everglades is your place for an action-packed, affordable vacation. Not to mention, it’s one of the most unique ecosystems found anywhere in the country. One of the best way to experience all that the Everglades has to offer is Billie Swamp Safari. Not only is Billie Swamp Safari stacked with fun activities and events, it also boasts excellent reviews from visitors. Families and large groups especially love the park with thrilling airboat rides and award-winning swamp buggy eco tours. In fact, these adventures cover land, water and everything in between to give you a one-of-a-kind Florida Everglades experience. To ensure you fill all your senses of beautiful and peculiar creatures, several daily shows are offered. These Everglades shows bring the animals to you, providing a more interactive look and learning experience. They include several species of snakes and alligators, skunks, deer, ground hogs, capybara and more. Visitors can kick back in the shade and enjoy photo opportunities after the show.

Celebrate the Holidays Everglade’s Style

One of the best reasons to visit the Florida Everglades during holiday season is that schedules are packed with delightful tours and events. For example, Billie Swamp Safari offers a unique and thrilling Twilight Expedition. This specialty tour takes groups of 10 or more through the Everglades at  night. Guests first jump on a swamp buggy and then special trails are navigated by spotlight as daylight naturally fades to darkness. During one part of the tour, you can even hear legends of the Seminole Tribe accompanied by campfire.  At the same time, the Everglades will transition from wet to dry season by late November. During this time frame, birds will fly in from all over the U.S. and mosquitoes will become all but non-existent. All in time for festive holidays and family merriment!

Any time to visit the Florida Everglades is a great time. Holiday season is simply the best time of year with superior weather and having the family together. No matter what the season, Billie Swamp Safari is one of the best Florida family vacation destinations.