Animal Exhibits

Everglades Animal Exhibits at Billie Swamp Safari

After exciting and educational Everglades airboat rides and swamp buggy tours, visitors love to stroll the Billie Swamp Safari grounds. Here, guests can enjoy a variety of displays and exhibits in our Everglades park. Most importantly, we have something for everyone in the family. As such, current exhibits include bird and reptile exhibits – which are great for the little ones. Next, our alligator pits, and African spur thighed tortoises will fascinate everyone, including mom and dad! Best of all, our safari park grounds are complimentary for visitors.

Meet Liberty - Our Resident Florida Panther

Florida panthers once roamed and thrived in woods and swamps throughout the Southeast United States. However, when European settlers arrived in the 1600s,  land development and other human progress began to threaten the Florida Panther’s existence. Also, fear and misunderstandings about the panther began to stir. Over time, those fears perpetuated and led to the panther's scarcity. Today, the panther is recognized as Florida’s official state animal, but it is one the most endangered mammals on the planet. Our resident panther, Liberty is safe and comfortable in the largest enclosure anywhere in South Florida. So, please make sure you stop by and snap a photo as a keepsake for your best Florida family vacation ever. She is really something to be seen!

A Donkey Named Rainbow Nursed Back to Health

Rainbow was born in the 2,200-acre Billie Swamp Safari preserve. Right before Hurricane Irma in 2017, she was spotted by our tour guides and appeared to be injured from an animal attack. Our veterinarian was called in and she was brought in for medical care. She had suffered puncture wounds on her muzzle and deep gauges on her flanks. We nursed her back to health for several months, treating her wounds and medicating her. Today, she is all healed and enjoys the one-on-one attention she gets from staff and visitor families alike. Moreover, we decided to retain her inside the park in order to keep her safe. Our fear was that she would not acclimate back in the preserve. As such, Rainbow has become a wonderful addition to our animal exhibits and gets lots of tender loving care.

Everglades Boardwalk & Authentic Seminole Indian Village

The Billie Swamp Safari experience is not complete until you take the whole family down our quarter-mile boardwalk and nature trail. This Everglades path goes deep into the swamp under the cypress domes and offers even more sights and sounds that never disappoint. Finally, visit the authentic Seminole village with native Seminole chickees. Here, you can walk out to water’s edge for a breathtaking view of the swamp behind the Swamp Water Café. In fact, this happens to be a great spot for family picture!

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