One-of-a-Kind Everglades Accommodations

Accommodations in the Florida Everglades

Imagine going to sleep among the stars, listening to the sounds of the wilderness or telling spooky stories. Well, you can do all that (and then some) on your next Florida family vacation to the Everglades. While most families opt to stay near Fort Lauderdale and Naples, real adventurers can book lodging in Billie Swamp Safari’s one-of-a-kind Everglades accommodations. This Seminole camping village includes traditional, native-style chickees (thatched roof dwellings). Moreover, families can choose from two single beds, a double bed, or waterfront chickee. Also, dorm chickees are available and sleep up to 14 people (great for family reunions). During the day, vacation families can enjoy airboat rides and swamp buggy tours and so much more. Also, the Florida Everglades are an experiential destination. Part of this experience is to stay overnight, when the woods and wetlands are active in a concert of wildlife sounds ringing through the darkness. Most importantly, it will be a trip to remember as your family will understand what it was like to live like a Seminole 300 years ago.Overnight Stay in the florida everlgades

Value-Added Packages to Enhance Your Everglades Experience

Enhance your overnight Everglades accommodations experience by adding an evening package to your stay. For example, our twilight expedition package includes campfire storytelling and a twilight swamp buggy eco-tour through the night marsh.  As you can imagine, our Everglades preserve is filled with hundreds of animals, some who use the darkness to hide from predators (but you might be lucky to see one).  Additionally, our VIP Tour offers a more personalized look for your family vacation group. Specifically, the VIP Tour offers a detailed look inside the Florida Everglades. First, families will hop aboard a swamp buggy for a 90-minute custom tour of a lifetime. Next, our airboat guides will take your group on 20-minute thrill ride over the river of grass.  Finally, the grounds and all our intimate wildlife shows are available to your group. Have questions? Simply call us and we’ll find the right Everglades adventure package for your family or group. Call 800-Go-Safari or contact us for availability. Please note, overnight Everglades accommodations are not required to enjoy our twilight expedition or VIP Tour.

Native American village in the EvergladesA Few Details

Our chickee accommodations have no electricity or running water. However, we have a full-service restroom with showers nearby for overnight Everglades accommodation guests. Guests should bring flashlights, towels and shower items. Sheets, blankets and pillows are provided. Furthermore, guests are asked to arrive before 5:30 p.m. to check-in at the gift shop.