Outdoor Vacation in the Florida Everglades

Each new year and season bring the prospect for a new Florida Everglades adventure. South Florida is filled with fun water parks, tranquil beaches and more, but wilderness adventure? You know, that trip that your family took long ago, but still talk about. Luckily, Florida is also home to abundant land and water wildlife; some of the most unique creatures found anywhere. Where should you go for the best Florida family vacation this summer?

South Florida’s Best Natural AttractionSpring in the Florida Everglades

 As the best natural and family friendly attraction in South Florida, the Everglades are home to thousands of exciting creatures, some of them endangered. For example, American alligators, exotic snakes, tropical birds and more make a vacation trip to the Everglades a refreshing and educational experience. While some the flora and fauna are widely recognized, the Everglades are home to a multitude of lesser-known plant species. In other words, it’s terrific for the whole family and you’ll want to come back each year. In fact, the Everglades can be unpredictable as each day or season brings something new as our ecosystem evolves.

Whether you are 10 or 40, There aren’t many landforms you will find more spectacular in America as the subtropical Florida Everglades. Moreover, the Everglades are a remarkable aquatic ecosystem covering more than 18,000 square miles. Beyond its natural splendor, the Everglades provide millions of South Floridians with drinking water and is an enormous resource to Florida. Of course, the kids can use this in their summer vacation reports when they return to school in the fall.

Top Everglades Adventure Destination

Wildlife in the Florida Everglades
At Billie Swamp Safari, Florida vacation families can climb aboard an airboat ride or swamp buggy eco-tour for the thrill of a lifetime. In this experience, families can get close-up to the alligators and plant life on these narrated excursions. Furthermore, exciting shows and exhibits demonstrate the vast plant and animal life species. In fact, we set out to showcase them all for everyone to see. Specifically, our Animal exhibits feature birds and reptiles, and even rare species. In addition, the Everglades Live Critter Show offers vacation families a special interaction with deer, baby goats, groundhogs and more. However, older kids might gravitate to our Snake Show of exotic snakes. Lastly, the Everglades experience would not be complete without a walk through an actual Seminole village and our quarter-mile boardwalk.

South Florida’s Everglades are the place to be for families seeking outdoor adventures. In fact, Billie Swamp Safari offers VIP Tours and Twilight Expeditions for those Florida vacation families who want to go the extra mile for the best family vacation ever! We hope to see you soon on your next Florida family vacation.